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Caller:  Hi.  I need to update my reservation.

Me:  Not a problem.  What’s the last name on the reservation?

Caller:  I’m going to give you a confirmation number.

Me:  -_-   *nice voice*  Okay, go ahead.

C:  12345678

Me:  What’s the last name?

C:  *insert name*

Me:  Okay, what did you need to change on your reservation?

C:  We will have 4 people instead of 2.  Also, I need to know what the Military rate is.

Me:  The weekend military rate on a standard room for 2 people is $99.99+tax/night.

C:  *interrupts me*  And there is an additional charge per person after 2 people is that right?

Me: Yes Ma’am.  The rate goes up $10/person after 2 people.

C: So, the rate would be $99.99+tax, + an additional charge of $20 for the 2 extra people?

Me:  No Ma’am.  The military rate for 4 people changes from $99.99 to $119.99+tax.  There won’t be an additional charge.  The rate just changes.

C: But you just said the military rate was $99.99.   Now you’re telling me it’s $119.99?!

Me:  *eye twitch*  Okay.  The military rate for 2 people is $99.99.  For 3 people it is $109.99.  For 4 people it is $119.99.  There are no additional charges.  The rate just goes up after 2 people.  If you had 2 people it would just be $99.99.  Since you will have 4 people the rate goes up by $10 per person, per night making the rate $119.99.

C: Oh, Okay.  So, can you give me a total after taxes for both nights?  I need to know what the taxes are too.  I need to budget this.

Me:  Sure thing.  The total for both nights after tax is $xxx.xx.  The taxes are $xx.xx (I don’t remember these totals as far as this post goes.).

C: Okay.  So, that is $99.99 + $xx.xx tax.  Plus the $20 additional charge for the 2 extra people.  Is there tax on that extra $20 charge?

Me:  /facepalm…     As we discussed, the rate for 4 people is $119.99, not $99.99.  The tax amount of $xx.xx is for both nights on the rate of $119.99/night.   The total for 4 people staying 2 nights at the rate of $119.99 is $xxx.xx.  That is your final total.  There will be no other charges unless you make long distance calls, use the laundry service or damage the room.

C:  Could you email this to me to make sure I have this right?

Me:  Sure thing.