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Yeah, so, I’m annoyed that this is coming out when we don’t really have the money to buy it AND when we don’t have the internet…… sucks.  /sadpanda



…::: Portal 2 :::…

Well, I rented Portal 2 yesterday.  I’m LOVING it… I love, love, love puzzles!  So… Yeah.

Wheatley is my favorite character!

 I love the single player version.   I love the coop version.

I’ve been playing mostly the solo version because X & I don’t get to sync up much for game time.  We spend most of our time together watching tv or movies at the moment.  Our schedules aren’t all that great right now as far as being able to spend time together.  Sucks, but at least we spend a lot of time on the phone… while gaming!  =P


I’ve been a gamer for who knows how long.  Mostly consoles until I discovered Diablo.  Then it was Diablo2.  Then Guild Wars.  When GW decided to scrap putting out expansions until GW2 comes out… So, I quit playing GW & went to World of Warcraft.    Played WOW from 2007 until 2010.  Something pretty much killed WOW for me.  I’m not sure if it was my aunt (whom I was very close to) passing away a week or so after I got it, or the phasing system.   I hate that because I have tons of time invested in it.  Hell, that’s how I met my fiance – who on here is called X.  Two other really good friends in our lives we met on WOW as well.  I want to give WOW another go again soon.  But, anyway…  I started playing Rift after that.

Since moving to Ohio, & moving in with ThunderCunt (a.k.a. The Goblin… a.k.a. X’s mother), our gaming life has come to a screeching halt.  When we first moved in July here I got a job with in 2 weeks.  X, however, didn’t get a job until October.  So, we had the internet until I lost my job because of my back problem.  X’s part time job wasn’t enough to pay living expenses & afford the net.  ThunderCunt decided that since she didn’t use the internet it had to be cut off lest it cut into her beer drinking  & $5 scratch-off lottery tickets for the weekend!!!!!   God Forbid I have the internet at home to, oh… I don’t know… JOB HUNT!!!  Being as broke as we were going 10 miles into town to go to the library to use the internet wasn’t always an option.   We – addicted to gaming for entertainment as most gamers are – have been uber bored & depressed because we couldn’t do anything for fun that we liked to do.  We don’t go out to bars/clubs, we don’t blow tons of money on alcohol… we’re homebodys that love to watch movies & game.

 So, our gaming life as of November 2011 died.  When we got our income tax refunds, we got a PS3 from QVC (Thank God for easy pay!  It’s like layaway, but you get your item NOW!!  Epicness!).  BEST thing we’ve spent money on in AGES.   It was a toss up between the Xbox & the PS3, but I already had Little Big Planet… So, I demanded the PS3.  lol   He wanted the Xbox more than the 3, but since playing LBP, he’s become so addicted to it that we bought LBP2.

We are super excited about when we will FINALLY get the internet back to play with more people & do the created levels!!!  I bought American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns.  Loved the game!  Sort of disappointed in the ending (last level wasn’t a level at all.  So, we felt the game was cut short.)  I got him Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 for his birthday in February.

So, all in all, our life has picked up a bit in the cheer department.  It’s not MMOs, but it’s still fun as hell!