No Choice, Really.

by flutterbox

 I’ve been thinking lately that I may have no choice other than to get a job in a factory somewhere.  I’d be doing a job standing up which will kill my back.  I apply constantly to customer service, data entry, call center positions… Any desk job that I can do.  No phone calls.  No interviews.  Nothing.   I will be eating ibuprofen, aleve & the tramadol I am prescribed like candy to do it.  I don’t want to think of the pain I’ll be in, but I’ll have to just deal with it.  The tramadol is the only “pain killer” I can get since no PM doctors will help me with real pain medicine since I don’t have insurance.  They don’t do much good.  They kinda dull the pain to where I can stand up about 5 minutes before I have to sit down for a few minutes.  It’s better than nothing I guess.

The place that I’m working at now is managed by the most irritating people.  I’m serious when I say that EVERYONE working here has told me that the manager, & assistant manager, are both “crazy”, “stupid”, & are “liars”.  We have a staff of less than 15 people, so I when I say everyone…I mean EVERYONE that works for them.  I don’t know how much more of this place I can take.