BS: S2, E3

by flutterbox

Well, NN isn’t moving today.

When will he be moving?  I don’t know.  X doesn’t know… “couldn’t get a straight answer.  He said he’s gotta take care of a few things first.”  Uh huh….

X stayed @ NN’s house until after 5am.  Pissed me off.  So, we fought for a good hour & a half.  X doesn’t understand why I get so pissed because he visits with his sister too.  I don’t care if he visits with his sister.  Great.  Joy!   Why do you have to associate with someone your significant other hates?  Yes, he’s married to X’s sister, but the 3rd time NN tried to wreck our lives (he tried to get X fired from his job b/c he didn’t get his way – Yeah… he’s that big of a p.o.s.) X kept a relationship with Z & made it clear to her that he didn’t want anything to do with NN b/c we were both tired of him trying to ruin our lives.  Z was ok with that.  X eventually made peace with NN… only to have NN not get his way (again) & for the 4th time try to ruin our lives… We had peace away from him for about 6 weeks.  & then X made peace with NN again… & now X & i are fighting b/c he hangs out with NN.

The perfect senerio?   Z would divorce NN, & then NN could disappear from our lives… Forever.

She won’t do that though.  She likes sitting on her fat ass not working & spending his “disability” checks.