Job Hunting

by flutterbox

As we all know, I don’t have internet at home.  So, I job hunt through the CareerBuilder app on my iPhone & on the computer when I’m at work.  I apply for jobs daily.  What kills me is that I have WONDERFUL typing skills.  The results of the last typing test I took?  11,800 words per hour.  I am good with multi-line telephones.  10 key by touch.  I can copy, fax, file stuff.  I have 13+ years of customer service experience.  I have moderate experience with Word & Excel.  So, WHY do I need to have a Bachelor’s degree to get a job doing these same things??????   I’ve been doing this stuff for 10+ years!!!!  “Must have Bachelors degree” or “Must have 4 year degree”

For call center jobs… it’s  “MUST have a MINIMUM of 6 months experience in a call center environment.”   Ok, um, I worked the PBX office in a casino (Hotel, casino, food & beverage – 6 restaurants, & racing office).   Not to mention at a staffing service, I just took Call Center typing & Call Center listening tests & scored 95-97% on both.  So, Why can’t I get a call center job????    HOW ARE YOU SUPPPOSED TO GET CALL CENTER EXPERIENCE IF THEY *ONLY* HIRE PEOPLE *WITH* EXPERIENCE?!?!?!?!  What, do call center people live forever?  They must have found the fountain of youth, because if you *MUST* have call center xp to get a call center job that means they are not hiring people without it… So, people with call center xp aren’t kicking the bucket.


I applied for 2 jobs the other day.   I’m REALLY hopeful I get hired on at Company A.  It’s full time & provides insurance/benefits.  I want to follow up with the hiring manager there, however, I have no idea when she will be in.  I popped in the day I applied & spoke with the manager of the store.  He said he doesn’t do the hiring… Their district managers do that, & she’s in there 2-3 days a week.  Company A doesn’t list their phone number, so I can’t call to see when she’ll be in.  I wanted to pop in today after I got off of work, however my black shirt is all dirty from pancake batter that I have to mess with every day at work.  So, I’m going to have to go home, change & drive all the way back here.  *sigh*  I hate living in a small, po-dunk, out of the way, 1 horse town.  -_-

I just read the website of the other company I applied for… & now I’m not so sure I want to work there.  It all depends on the pay.  I’d have to work an average of 60 hours per week.  & I’d be about 50/50 standing.  With my back that’s  not good.  I mean I’d deal with it as best as I could until I got insurance if the pay was really good… But the more I read the more nervous I get about that job.  It’s a good company, but I’m not sure how well I would be able to handle that job.  =/