Baltimore Shores

by flutterbox

My friend (we’ll call him K) is someone I met while playing WOW.  I’ve known him for years now.  Really good guy.  Even better friend.  Anyway, he & I vent to each other about all the bullshit going on in our lives on quite a regular basis.  I’ve been venting about our shitty live here in Ohio since about 1 month after I got here.  K comes up with these really funny emails to cheer me up & make me laugh.  I swear he should write short stories.  I think he came up with the title of the “reality tv show” that is our life here… “Baltimore Shores”.  As far as K & I are concerned, Season 1 is over.  Season 2 is about to ramp up.  So, I figured I might as well post my rants & bitchings on here when I have them.

Who knows… they might amuse someone.