Pizza Delivery and You.

by flutterbox

It doesn’t matter if you are at work, your car is broken down, you’re drunk, lazy, there is bad weather, or you just can’t seem to pry yourself away from the tv/computer game… If you order food (or anything for that matter, but for the sake of this post I’m going with pizza delivery) to be delivered to you, you should tip.  You should tip at least 20%.   Why?

When weather is bad & you don’t want to get out in it… They have to.  Icy roads, cold temps, snow, hail, hot summers, heavy rain… YOU are comfy & cozy in your house.  They are getting soaked to the bone delivering pizza in the rain.

Because the people delivering the hot, fresh pizza to your door are using their car.  Rare is it that a company provides a company delivery car.   They have to change their oil & change/rotate tires (Not to mention other maintenance on the car.) more frequently than you because of the amount of driving they do.

Most of the drivers have a car payment on said pizza chariot.

Gas prices are knocking $4 per gallon.   They do a lot of stopping & starting.  Eating up gas mileage.

“Well, what about what they earn hourly plus the delivery charge?” you ask?    Many pizza places are paying their drivers minimum wage WHILE IN THE STORE.  What does that mean?  While they are in the store waiting on orders, cleaning, folding boxes, making your pizza they make minimum wage.  When they are out on a delivery (which is most of their shift), they make about $4.25/hour.  The only job X cold get at the moment is pizza delivery.  He has many years xp in pizza.  Was management, but delivery is all he can get at the moment.  He gets about 32 hours a week.  With that $4.25/hr he earns on most of his check…we can barely pay our rent.  His last check was about $265.00.   Our rent portion is $273.00/month.  His 2nd check barely covers our living expenses:  gas, elec, cable, & food.

That delivery charge?  Well, that depends on the pizza place.  The delivery driver never gets all of it.  Even if the website/pizza box says they do.  Some places, the driver only gets about 25% of it.  So, if you’re thinking “well, that’ll be their tip.”, then you, sir/madam scrooge, shouldn’t order delivery.   That delivery charge, at best, covers most of his/her gas at the end of the night.

People who call in late night orders…..  Please.  P L E A S E   tip decently.  When the closing driver is doing the closing duties to get out of there:  sweeping and mopping the entire store, scrubbing dishes for an hour and a half, wiping down the area where they make the pizzas… having to stop to drive 7 miles *one way* to bring you a pizza for a stiff, or $1.00 tip……………..  -_-

Parents…  Sending your kids to the door so you don’t have to tip is not cool.

Businesses, Schools & Churches…..  Ordering large orders & not tipping…  Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.  If the pizza is a write off/in the budget, but the tip is not… then go get the pizzas yourself.

One thing to keep in mind if you are upset with the person who took your order.  97% of the time, that person is NOT your delivery driver.  Drivers usually do not answer phones.  So, if that person was rude, or slow, or whatever else not to your liking… don’t take it out on the driver.

And for the love of God… Please don’t order pizza & leave (or order before you get home unless you’re less than a few blocks away)!!!!!!!  If the delivery person gets to your house before you get back/get home, then they have to leave after a few minutes & bring it back to the store.  Then you get angry calling “where’s my pizza?!?!?!”  Then the manager has to explain the dumbass thing you did… “Well sir/maam, when the delivery driver arrived at your house there was no one home.  He/she waited about 5 minutes, but then had to come back to the store.”  Then, probably the same person has to deliver a SECOND time to your house & probably get stiffed because you’re mad over the situation YOU caused.

So, in closing, when you have anything delivered…. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, dry cleaning, flowers, or whatever else out there that is available to be delivered in your area… Please tip the driver.  Please tip the driver at least 20%.  More if you have the means!  If you have a great job & make good money good for you.  The economy sucks & good people of all ages are hard up.  Taking whatever jobs they can.  Many are in a delivery position.  Tips are a HUGE part of how they make ends meet & have some money to afford a few pleasures in life.