If Only…

by flutterbox

If only I could get a 2nd job.  Hell, get a full time job even!  Or, luck up & win 10k from the lottery.  I don’t need millions.  I’d be just fine with $10,000 (after taxes).  What would I do with said monies?  Well, I’d move.  I’d take the steps to fix my life.  Let me give you a quick run down of my life.

I had a pretty stable life as an adult.  Stayed at jobs for 3+ years.  Spent time with family.  Took care of my mother.  Then she died in January of 2006.  Tore my world apart.   Moved to live near my dad.  Met the man I am currently with.  He has baggage, but so do I.  Our relationship is strange, but it works.  We are best friends.  Engaged.  It didn’t work out living near my dad, so  in July (2011) we moved to Ohio where he is from.   Biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I want to move back home (not near my dad, but where I’m originally from).  He’s all for it too.  Since moving away from my family, my life (& my fiance’s) has gone down the toilet.  We moved in with his mother.  The thought process of this decision was so that living would be cheaper while we get on our feet here.  Go to school & have her as a roommate until we get out of some community college & can start to make a better life for ourselves.  His mother is reminiscent of a goblin.  Always has her hand outstreatched for money.  I won’t go into all the past details & problems that have come up with her (or his sister & her husband which I will get to, but much later) because there is so much crap I can’t remember it all.  But needless to say we are having financial issues.  I lost a job because I have a back problem & couldn’t stand up as much as they wanted me to.  I finally found one after 5 months of looking.  Apparently in this day & age in order to answer the telephones & take messages one needs a bachelors degree.  *rolls eyes*   AAAAnyway….  I could only find a part time job.  30 hours a week.   My fiance (we shall call X) is working too.  Part time.  Jobs are hard to find.  His mother doesn’t care.  I hope she doesn’t ever lose her job & need us one day for help.  Help will not be there.

So, I’d take the $10k, pack up X, & move back home.  Get into an apartment.  Have money to live on until we get to work.  We’re both willing to work 2 jobs to make this happen… We can’t even find 1 full time job.  So, I think I’d have better luck with the lottery.