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Yeah, so, I’m annoyed that this is coming out when we don’t really have the money to buy it AND when we don’t have the internet…… sucks.  /sadpanda



Baltimore Shores

My friend (we’ll call him K) is someone I met while playing WOW.  I’ve known him for years now.  Really good guy.  Even better friend.  Anyway, he & I vent to each other about all the bullshit going on in our lives on quite a regular basis.  I’ve been venting about our shitty live here in Ohio since about 1 month after I got here.  K comes up with these really funny emails to cheer me up & make me laugh.  I swear he should write short stories.  I think he came up with the title of the “reality tv show” that is our life here… “Baltimore Shores”.  As far as K & I are concerned, Season 1 is over.  Season 2 is about to ramp up.  So, I figured I might as well post my rants & bitchings on here when I have them.

Who knows… they might amuse someone.

…::: Portal 2 :::…

Well, I rented Portal 2 yesterday.  I’m LOVING it… I love, love, love puzzles!  So… Yeah.

Wheatley is my favorite character!

 I love the single player version.   I love the coop version.

I’ve been playing mostly the solo version because X & I don’t get to sync up much for game time.  We spend most of our time together watching tv or movies at the moment.  Our schedules aren’t all that great right now as far as being able to spend time together.  Sucks, but at least we spend a lot of time on the phone… while gaming!  =P

No Go Doc

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but I’ve forgotten.   I posted in “36 to 80 in 2 seconds” about finding a promising pain management (PM) doctor that seemed promising.  Well, the ortho doc *did* give a referral, however, the PM doc doesn’t take self pay patients….  I am one of the MANY americans out there that *DO NOT* have health insurance.  My job does not provide it.  I cannot afford it.  I wish I had it.  So, I’m still looking for a PM doctor.

Pizza Delivery and You.

It doesn’t matter if you are at work, your car is broken down, you’re drunk, lazy, there is bad weather, or you just can’t seem to pry yourself away from the tv/computer game… If you order food (or anything for that matter, but for the sake of this post I’m going with pizza delivery) to be delivered to you, you should tip.  You should tip at least 20%.   Why?

When weather is bad & you don’t want to get out in it… They have to.  Icy roads, cold temps, snow, hail, hot summers, heavy rain… YOU are comfy & cozy in your house.  They are getting soaked to the bone delivering pizza in the rain.

Because the people delivering the hot, fresh pizza to your door are using their car.  Rare is it that a company provides a company delivery car.   They have to change their oil & change/rotate tires (Not to mention other maintenance on the car.) more frequently than you because of the amount of driving they do.

Most of the drivers have a car payment on said pizza chariot.

Gas prices are knocking $4 per gallon.   They do a lot of stopping & starting.  Eating up gas mileage.

“Well, what about what they earn hourly plus the delivery charge?” you ask?    Many pizza places are paying their drivers minimum wage WHILE IN THE STORE.  What does that mean?  While they are in the store waiting on orders, cleaning, folding boxes, making your pizza they make minimum wage.  When they are out on a delivery (which is most of their shift), they make about $4.25/hour.  The only job X cold get at the moment is pizza delivery.  He has many years xp in pizza.  Was management, but delivery is all he can get at the moment.  He gets about 32 hours a week.  With that $4.25/hr he earns on most of his check…we can barely pay our rent.  His last check was about $265.00.   Our rent portion is $273.00/month.  His 2nd check barely covers our living expenses:  gas, elec, cable, & food.

That delivery charge?  Well, that depends on the pizza place.  The delivery driver never gets all of it.  Even if the website/pizza box says they do.  Some places, the driver only gets about 25% of it.  So, if you’re thinking “well, that’ll be their tip.”, then you, sir/madam scrooge, shouldn’t order delivery.   That delivery charge, at best, covers most of his/her gas at the end of the night.

People who call in late night orders…..  Please.  P L E A S E   tip decently.  When the closing driver is doing the closing duties to get out of there:  sweeping and mopping the entire store, scrubbing dishes for an hour and a half, wiping down the area where they make the pizzas… having to stop to drive 7 miles *one way* to bring you a pizza for a stiff, or $1.00 tip……………..  -_-

Parents…  Sending your kids to the door so you don’t have to tip is not cool.

Businesses, Schools & Churches…..  Ordering large orders & not tipping…  Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.  If the pizza is a write off/in the budget, but the tip is not… then go get the pizzas yourself.

One thing to keep in mind if you are upset with the person who took your order.  97% of the time, that person is NOT your delivery driver.  Drivers usually do not answer phones.  So, if that person was rude, or slow, or whatever else not to your liking… don’t take it out on the driver.

And for the love of God… Please don’t order pizza & leave (or order before you get home unless you’re less than a few blocks away)!!!!!!!  If the delivery person gets to your house before you get back/get home, then they have to leave after a few minutes & bring it back to the store.  Then you get angry calling “where’s my pizza?!?!?!”  Then the manager has to explain the dumbass thing you did… “Well sir/maam, when the delivery driver arrived at your house there was no one home.  He/she waited about 5 minutes, but then had to come back to the store.”  Then, probably the same person has to deliver a SECOND time to your house & probably get stiffed because you’re mad over the situation YOU caused.

So, in closing, when you have anything delivered…. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, dry cleaning, flowers, or whatever else out there that is available to be delivered in your area… Please tip the driver.  Please tip the driver at least 20%.  More if you have the means!  If you have a great job & make good money good for you.  The economy sucks & good people of all ages are hard up.  Taking whatever jobs they can.  Many are in a delivery position.  Tips are a HUGE part of how they make ends meet & have some money to afford a few pleasures in life.


Ok.  I know this is a joke, but what kills my soul is that I’m sure people have tried this very thing to just sit on their asses & not work.  I don’t have a problem with you asking/begging/groveling for money if you actually NEED it.   Hell, I would *LOVE* for 10,000 strangers in an act of kindness to donate $1-5 each to my PayPal account.  Not only would I be able to move back home  (See my first post here.) , get into an apartment & have money to live on while I job hunt in this shit hole economy we live in… but, I would also use some of that money to visit a new doctor & join a gym to EXERCISE & get some of this weight off of me!


I’ve been a gamer for who knows how long.  Mostly consoles until I discovered Diablo.  Then it was Diablo2.  Then Guild Wars.  When GW decided to scrap putting out expansions until GW2 comes out… So, I quit playing GW & went to World of Warcraft.    Played WOW from 2007 until 2010.  Something pretty much killed WOW for me.  I’m not sure if it was my aunt (whom I was very close to) passing away a week or so after I got it, or the phasing system.   I hate that because I have tons of time invested in it.  Hell, that’s how I met my fiance – who on here is called X.  Two other really good friends in our lives we met on WOW as well.  I want to give WOW another go again soon.  But, anyway…  I started playing Rift after that.

Since moving to Ohio, & moving in with ThunderCunt (a.k.a. The Goblin… a.k.a. X’s mother), our gaming life has come to a screeching halt.  When we first moved in July here I got a job with in 2 weeks.  X, however, didn’t get a job until October.  So, we had the internet until I lost my job because of my back problem.  X’s part time job wasn’t enough to pay living expenses & afford the net.  ThunderCunt decided that since she didn’t use the internet it had to be cut off lest it cut into her beer drinking  & $5 scratch-off lottery tickets for the weekend!!!!!   God Forbid I have the internet at home to, oh… I don’t know… JOB HUNT!!!  Being as broke as we were going 10 miles into town to go to the library to use the internet wasn’t always an option.   We – addicted to gaming for entertainment as most gamers are – have been uber bored & depressed because we couldn’t do anything for fun that we liked to do.  We don’t go out to bars/clubs, we don’t blow tons of money on alcohol… we’re homebodys that love to watch movies & game.

 So, our gaming life as of November 2011 died.  When we got our income tax refunds, we got a PS3 from QVC (Thank God for easy pay!  It’s like layaway, but you get your item NOW!!  Epicness!).  BEST thing we’ve spent money on in AGES.   It was a toss up between the Xbox & the PS3, but I already had Little Big Planet… So, I demanded the PS3.  lol   He wanted the Xbox more than the 3, but since playing LBP, he’s become so addicted to it that we bought LBP2.

We are super excited about when we will FINALLY get the internet back to play with more people & do the created levels!!!  I bought American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns.  Loved the game!  Sort of disappointed in the ending (last level wasn’t a level at all.  So, we felt the game was cut short.)  I got him Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2 for his birthday in February.

So, all in all, our life has picked up a bit in the cheer department.  It’s not MMOs, but it’s still fun as hell!

36 to 80 in 2 seconds.

So, I have a slipped disc…& sciatica.

It’s very painful.  As soon as I stand up I’m in pain.  Forget about me walking very far.  I’m like an 80 year old.  I either have to use the electric carts, or lean over the shopping cart & walk uber slow…  It.  Sucks.

As mentioned in my first post on here I lost a job because I couldn’t stand up as much as they wanted me to.  I tried to get unemployment, but they let me go just after 3.5 months.  Boy I was pissed off.  I did my job just fine.  That was the reason they let me go.  Because I had to stand up for guests.  Told them in the interview I had a back problem.  “That won’t be a problem.  Just stand up as much as you can.”  Uh huh…Well, I did that to the best of my ability.  But when we’re uber busy & no doctors in the state of Ohio want to prescribe pain pills (apparently there’s a horrid drug abuse problem in this part of the country – among other places.)  I’m so sorry, but I need to sit my big ass down!  I sat up front, answered 90% of the phone calls, dealt with 90% of our guests, & did most of the work that needed to be done.  My coworker (who is fat & lazy – I can call him fat because as I also mentioned in my first post am fat too – sat in the back most of the night either watching tv or playing on his laptop.)

I’ve seen 5 separate doctors about my back.  None of them want to prescribe anything to help with the pain.  It’s not like I want to abuse them!  Drug test me weekly, do pill counts, whatever, I don’t care… I don’t abuse drugs.  I mean LOOK AT MY FUCKING X-RAYS PEOPLE.  YOU ARE DOCTORS.  You should see that I ACTUALLY have a legitimate problem.   I have chronic pain!!!!!!!!   They all want me to lose weight.  They “prescribe” physical therapy & exercise.  Standard doctor response, “your weight isn’t helping your back problem.”  Well, no shit Sherlock!  In order to lose weight, one has to exercise.  Well, as soon as I stand up I’m in so much pain I can hardly stand it.  I am too poor at the moment to join a gym with a bike machine so I can exercise sitting down.  I don’t own a bike.  Even if I could afford to buy one, I don’t have the room to store it in the house.  Someone would steal it if it were outside.  So, how the fuck am I supposed to lose weight?  Believe me… If I could wave a magic fairy wand over myself &  *POOF*  lose 160lbs… I WOULD!   But, it doesn’t work that way.

The last doctor I saw was an Orthopedic surgeon at the Ortho center in Columbus.  I figured, “Hey!  Here’s a doctor that specializes in this sort of thing!  He will *surely* understand my back pain &  *H E L P* me!!!!!”  Ummm…No.  Another Rx for physical therapy. “Which is quite expensive” his receptionist told me.  I told her I have no insurance & can’t afford that.  I paid $135 for him to tell me the exact same thing that the ER doctor (who ordered the above x-ray) told me.  Was I pissed off?  Quite a bit.  I asked if I could get anything for pain, but he doesn’t prescribe anything unless he does surgery on you.  So, I asked for a referral to a pain management clinic.  They aren’t taking new patients.  *sigh*  So, I DID get out of the receptionist that if I find a PM clinic that I want to go to they will refer me there.  I did an internet search & found one that seems promising.  All the clinics in this area (except that one) I’ve found online all want to give an epidural for this sort of thing.  I’m sorry, but I’m not too keen on sticking a needle into my spine on a regular basis.  I’d like to avoid the potential for paralysis as much as I can.  K?  Thanks!

So, how about a little help in the pain management department so I CAN get off my fat ass, exercise & maybe… just possibly… function like a normal human being huh?

If Only…

If only I could get a 2nd job.  Hell, get a full time job even!  Or, luck up & win 10k from the lottery.  I don’t need millions.  I’d be just fine with $10,000 (after taxes).  What would I do with said monies?  Well, I’d move.  I’d take the steps to fix my life.  Let me give you a quick run down of my life.

I had a pretty stable life as an adult.  Stayed at jobs for 3+ years.  Spent time with family.  Took care of my mother.  Then she died in January of 2006.  Tore my world apart.   Moved to live near my dad.  Met the man I am currently with.  He has baggage, but so do I.  Our relationship is strange, but it works.  We are best friends.  Engaged.  It didn’t work out living near my dad, so  in July (2011) we moved to Ohio where he is from.   Biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I want to move back home (not near my dad, but where I’m originally from).  He’s all for it too.  Since moving away from my family, my life (& my fiance’s) has gone down the toilet.  We moved in with his mother.  The thought process of this decision was so that living would be cheaper while we get on our feet here.  Go to school & have her as a roommate until we get out of some community college & can start to make a better life for ourselves.  His mother is reminiscent of a goblin.  Always has her hand outstreatched for money.  I won’t go into all the past details & problems that have come up with her (or his sister & her husband which I will get to, but much later) because there is so much crap I can’t remember it all.  But needless to say we are having financial issues.  I lost a job because I have a back problem & couldn’t stand up as much as they wanted me to.  I finally found one after 5 months of looking.  Apparently in this day & age in order to answer the telephones & take messages one needs a bachelors degree.  *rolls eyes*   AAAAnyway….  I could only find a part time job.  30 hours a week.   My fiance (we shall call X) is working too.  Part time.  Jobs are hard to find.  His mother doesn’t care.  I hope she doesn’t ever lose her job & need us one day for help.  Help will not be there.

So, I’d take the $10k, pack up X, & move back home.  Get into an apartment.  Have money to live on until we get to work.  We’re both willing to work 2 jobs to make this happen… We can’t even find 1 full time job.  So, I think I’d have better luck with the lottery.