BS: S2, E5

Well, NN is back.  Went to NY for like 2 days & is back.  X says he’s just back for his anniversary, but he doesn’t even like his wife.  He’s only with her to be the “white knight” he says.   Whatever… just fucking leave… for good!


BS: S2, E4

NN is still here.  When is he moving?  Supposedly today.



Just Because


Caller:  Hi.  I need to update my reservation.

Me:  Not a problem.  What’s the last name on the reservation?

Caller:  I’m going to give you a confirmation number.

Me:  -_-   *nice voice*  Okay, go ahead.

C:  12345678

Me:  What’s the last name?

C:  *insert name*

Me:  Okay, what did you need to change on your reservation?

C:  We will have 4 people instead of 2.  Also, I need to know what the Military rate is.

Me:  The weekend military rate on a standard room for 2 people is $99.99+tax/night.

C:  *interrupts me*  And there is an additional charge per person after 2 people is that right?

Me: Yes Ma’am.  The rate goes up $10/person after 2 people.

C: So, the rate would be $99.99+tax, + an additional charge of $20 for the 2 extra people?

Me:  No Ma’am.  The military rate for 4 people changes from $99.99 to $119.99+tax.  There won’t be an additional charge.  The rate just changes.

C: But you just said the military rate was $99.99.   Now you’re telling me it’s $119.99?!

Me:  *eye twitch*  Okay.  The military rate for 2 people is $99.99.  For 3 people it is $109.99.  For 4 people it is $119.99.  There are no additional charges.  The rate just goes up after 2 people.  If you had 2 people it would just be $99.99.  Since you will have 4 people the rate goes up by $10 per person, per night making the rate $119.99.

C: Oh, Okay.  So, can you give me a total after taxes for both nights?  I need to know what the taxes are too.  I need to budget this.

Me:  Sure thing.  The total for both nights after tax is $xxx.xx.  The taxes are $xx.xx (I don’t remember these totals as far as this post goes.).

C: Okay.  So, that is $99.99 + $xx.xx tax.  Plus the $20 additional charge for the 2 extra people.  Is there tax on that extra $20 charge?

Me:  /facepalm…     As we discussed, the rate for 4 people is $119.99, not $99.99.  The tax amount of $xx.xx is for both nights on the rate of $119.99/night.   The total for 4 people staying 2 nights at the rate of $119.99 is $xxx.xx.  That is your final total.  There will be no other charges unless you make long distance calls, use the laundry service or damage the room.

C:  Could you email this to me to make sure I have this right?

Me:  Sure thing.


No Choice, Really.

 I’ve been thinking lately that I may have no choice other than to get a job in a factory somewhere.  I’d be doing a job standing up which will kill my back.  I apply constantly to customer service, data entry, call center positions… Any desk job that I can do.  No phone calls.  No interviews.  Nothing.   I will be eating ibuprofen, aleve & the tramadol I am prescribed like candy to do it.  I don’t want to think of the pain I’ll be in, but I’ll have to just deal with it.  The tramadol is the only “pain killer” I can get since no PM doctors will help me with real pain medicine since I don’t have insurance.  They don’t do much good.  They kinda dull the pain to where I can stand up about 5 minutes before I have to sit down for a few minutes.  It’s better than nothing I guess.

The place that I’m working at now is managed by the most irritating people.  I’m serious when I say that EVERYONE working here has told me that the manager, & assistant manager, are both “crazy”, “stupid”, & are “liars”.  We have a staff of less than 15 people, so I when I say everyone…I mean EVERYONE that works for them.  I don’t know how much more of this place I can take.

BS: S2, E3

Well, NN isn’t moving today.

When will he be moving?  I don’t know.  X doesn’t know… “couldn’t get a straight answer.  He said he’s gotta take care of a few things first.”  Uh huh….

X stayed @ NN’s house until after 5am.  Pissed me off.  So, we fought for a good hour & a half.  X doesn’t understand why I get so pissed because he visits with his sister too.  I don’t care if he visits with his sister.  Great.  Joy!   Why do you have to associate with someone your significant other hates?  Yes, he’s married to X’s sister, but the 3rd time NN tried to wreck our lives (he tried to get X fired from his job b/c he didn’t get his way – Yeah… he’s that big of a p.o.s.) X kept a relationship with Z & made it clear to her that he didn’t want anything to do with NN b/c we were both tired of him trying to ruin our lives.  Z was ok with that.  X eventually made peace with NN… only to have NN not get his way (again) & for the 4th time try to ruin our lives… We had peace away from him for about 6 weeks.  & then X made peace with NN again… & now X & i are fighting b/c he hangs out with NN.

The perfect senerio?   Z would divorce NN, & then NN could disappear from our lives… Forever.

She won’t do that though.  She likes sitting on her fat ass not working & spending his “disability” checks.

BS: S2, E2 – Moving Day?

Well, supposedly today is the day that NN moves away for good.  His wife & hell spawn to follow shortly after.  I say supposedly because the Dipshit Family have been away on a little mini vacation celebrating the little michelin man’s birthday.  This kid is not yet a teenager, & he looks like this:

Anyway…  X is at their house visiting.  He’s going to find out for sure when NN is leaving.  I pray it’s today.  We shall see.

Please Hire Me!!!

This Postsecret was not mine, however, I’ve saved tons of them that I like.  I find this one most fitting to my current situation.  I wish some employer (that has a desk job) would give me a chance at a full time job (not to mention insurance) that I am able to do!!!  Just because I don’t have a 4 year degree, or 6 months call center experience, THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I CAN’T DO THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I’m smart.  I learn easily.  What I don’t already know how to do… I can  L E A R N  people!  Please… just give me a chance!

Season 2, Episode 1 – Karma

I want to do the right thing.  I really do.  X’s sister ( I’ll call Z ) & her husband are doing some things they shouldn’t.  They abuse drugs (him pain pills & she weed) & something else I can’t talk about…   I want to tell the proper authorities of what they are doing.  If I do that however… the goblin (X’s mom) will have a shit fit & probably make me homeless because her daughter & her worthless husband (a.k.a. Numb Nuts or NN) would get in a shitload of trouble.   So, I have to remain silent… for now.  All I know is Karma seems to be working it’s magic.   So, Z  is very nervous about the current situation… & so is NN.  I hope Karma dishes out what they deserve.